Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Own-Made Wood Picture Frames

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how can i make wood picture frames? find woodworking pdf, wood picture frames.

Starting matting
If possible, mat your photos or artwork before cutting a purse. This will help you make the final dimensions of the completed frame, and the
Trade Type to use. Although you can buy pre-cut mats to your local store,
can cut your own mat system more economical, especially when you have lots of friends and family, do you frames.

The choice of the word
Then you must choose your stock.Wood Picture Frames not need to provide your scrap heap, as far as possible, often a treasure. Careful with the color of your wood to the image or photo, and carpet. It is the mark of a meticulous craftsman and is sure to impress. If your scrap pile does not cooperate, there are dozens of types of wood pieces in all colors and textures. Tip: If you're in a hurry, you can use ready-to-cut picture frame moldings.

Ripping width
Now rip your stock to width. Use 4.3 "of wood (you can make it thicker, but this is not a good idea to go thin) and Rip It at least 1 1 / 2" wide because anything less will be pale and low - how to save. And you do not leave a negative impression of Christmas.

With a saw good table and fence, rip enough length all aspects of your account frame finished to an inch or so after extra for good measure.

Fold the rear
Cut a groove in the back of your lengths for receipt of woodworking pdf, matting, and backer board installed in the final frame. It helps the strength of the stock in thirds, to 4.3 "has worked so well, think. The gap must not flatter 1 / 2 "and must not remove more than 2/3rds off the thickness so that there is at least a quarter" on the left edge to the visible front. (See Figure 1). A 1 / 2 "or even folding knife is usually cut by 8.3 inches wide. This is a good size to create an 2.1" by 8.3 "Add to the back of the frame . Although your table saw can this fugue, a router table can be trimmed to a safer alternative. Chuck A 2.1 "piece of your router table and break the back of the chassis members.

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